laptop says locking then shuts off and won't turn on

Doesn’t get past black screen. A laptop has several phases of “just won’t start.” The problem is compounded because a laptop has two power sources: When AC isn’t available, electricity is drawn from the laptop’s battery. If your computer shuts down randomly and unexpectedly in Windows 10 system, then check this top five methods to solve this problem and get some relief. I have Also do the following steps and see if it helps. I have also tested each memory module independently and in different nodes. If you have a laptop that makes the fans easily accessible through panels you can remove, unscrew those panels and lift out the fan so you can blow the dust out even better. Hey guys, I really need some help here! You won't be able to undo a System Restore if it's done from Safe Mode, Startup Settings, or from System Recovery Options. laptop won’t turn on fix 1-Check your Battery Health 1. Turn your laptop upside-down and look at what you’ve got. You won't see anything on the screen and you may or may not hear beeps coming from the computer before it shuts off by itself. I suspect this is a processor issue but am not sure. Like motherboard death bad. By the way, it makes a sound when it turns off, the sound my HP laptop makes when it's overheating. Try this: unplug the power cord, remove the battery, and hold down the power button for 1 minute. If all of this is over your head and you need further assistance, you are more than welcome to contact me for additional 1-on-1 support using my remote desktop service . same scenario. Before every so often it would turn on, and run fine for as long as i left it turned on. Lenovo laptop won't turn on, spins fans when plugged in Solved! My laptop turns off exactly 2 hours after I turn it on, every time, everyday for the past two months. Laptop Tech Support 1 S 1 still, no signal of life for my laptop. Recently, the battery died on my Dell Studio 1558 but the AC adapter still works fine. Well beyond the power supply being bad, that sounds pretty bad. If the normal Start Menu shut down option doesn’t work for you and Windows’s won’t shut down, you may need to use the force shutdown method. The fan doesn't turn on either. You may be able to get by with just blowing the dust from the vents using a can of compressed air. Like in the previous scenario, don't worry about the state your external monitor is in, if you have one. the ac adapter has a light on it but when it is inserted to the laptop's socket, the light goes out and laptop does not turn on. So you know immediately that when the laptop doesn’t turn on right away, you have a power supply issue. It has done this twice recently while I have been using it and nothing I do can bring it back to life. Turn your laptop off by pressing the power button. I I have also tested a new working memory in both slots. Please watch the NEW - HOW TO FIX YOUR LAPTOP VIDEO, copy and paste LINK below!! i tried to remove the battery and press the power button for around 30 secs, to release the charge they say, and put it back and press on. My laptop turned to a blue screen that said "locking" and then shut off completely and will not turn back on. When I press the power button it feels like it’s going to start, the power light comes on, I hear the fan, then it immediately stops. It’s likely a power supply issue that you can troubleshoot and fix. Laptop won't turn on with dead battery/AC adapter plugged in Jump to solution Hello! I do not understand why the exact 2 hours gap for self-turn off. Discover a collection of fast, simple-to-follow instructions for when your Surface Pro, Book, Laptop, or Go won't turn on. Now plug the power cord in Now it shuts off all the time. You might not care since you can't get to Windows normally anyway, but it's something you should be Water spilled on my Lenovo laptop then after 2 weeks the keyboard light was on but the screen turn black what should I do Lenovo Laptop won't turn off If the laptop appears dead, […] I have also checked to make sure the … My laptop is not turning on. ATTENTION!! Remove the battery from the laptop and once again long-press the power button for around 60 seconds. Occasionally, my laptop screen will turn off while I'm in the middle of using my laptop. This is the problem your laptop battery totaly discharge and the laptop won't turn on even after you plug the charger. Why does my Acer laptop suddenly more or less shuts itself down, saying "locking your computer". Same experience. Some days ago, my computer suddenly shut down and it wont turn … I never even get to the Dell screen. Like i stated before, It turns on for maybe 2-3 seconds, then shuts off. But yeah I'll give that a try. Question Keyboard flashes then laptop shuts off while trying to turn on Laptop Tech Support 1 May 7, 2020 Question My laptop is not turning on and if it does then after few minutes it shuts down itself. How to Fix a Computer That Turns On and Then Off What to do when your computer shuts off during the boot process Because there are several reasons that your PC might be shutting off by itself during the boot process, it's important that you step through a logical troubleshooting process like the one we've described below. One of the more frustrating things that could go wrong is when your screen won't turn on. The power light turns on for a few seconds but then it turns off again. This video shows first in a series of how to troubleshoot a laptop that won't turn on. It randomly turns off for no reason, and it won't boot unless the charger is plugged in even though the battery is fully charged.

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