hurricane janet hits barbados

Then a great evergreen tree, a centenarian at that, had its branches torn off like shreds of paper. At 11am today, the national hurricane center confirmed that the eye of the storm was located near 14.7 degrees north, 60.1 degrees wear north-northwest of the island. Publicity statement on reverse. These were wonderful articles. I like to hear and see the old time things as well as keeping up with the current. Photograph No R 21186 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. When she returned home there was a lot a damage but she was pleased to see that her mother’s house was intact. Hurricane Janet – Barbados 1955 by Winifred K. O’Mahony Winifred O’Mahony’s story was taken from: The British Empire; courtesy of Overseas Service Pensioners’ Association (OSPA). These recollections of Hurricane Janet are truly interesting and historical for me as I was only a year and seven months at that time! From an article which appeared in an Advocate issue sometime after Janet in a story done by Paul Foster. I was told that Bayland had been hit hard. She would later make one for me about that size which I still have. When school started we did homework by the light from the Lanterns until December when we finally got back our Electricity supply. David Webster’s recollections of Hurricane Janet. The importance of building your house to withstand a hurricane is also a common thread. My first visit to Barbados was in 1964. This is 'Santa Neta' located opposite Hastings Rocks on September 23 1955. Mr Atwell ignored the advice. Janet went on to become the most powerful hurricane of the 1955 season, reaching a category 5 storm with winds of 175 mph, killing 38 people in Barbados alone, and nearly 700 people overall. When we got there it was clear that the House was more badly damaged than Dad at first thought. Hurricane Janet Photograph No R 21171 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. The tide had really retreated after the storm and we could walk around Maristow cliff on dry sand. Later we had around 20 people from Ellerton village sleeping in our drawing room as their small homes had been destroyed. Janet also cause major damage and death on the island of Barbados. Daddy talked of seeing metal roof panels ‘walk up’ the hill by the force of the wind. My grandfather, Lionel Evelyn lived in Navy Gardens. Photograph No R 21185 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. – If anyone reads this and knows anything about ‘Clarendon’, please contact me. Sometime after dark Dad and Rex Gill arrived back very badly scratched up by the jungle that was the road a few hours earlier, but relieved that both Houses were damaged but intact. Hurricane Janet hit the southern end of Barbados in the morning with the eye of the storm passing to the south of the island. The relatives drove us around the island to show us all of the things our parents spoke of. Even strongly built concrete houses had their roofs entirely lifted off. Edwin Edey from Top Car Rentals Barbados awaited us with a pristine vehicle, courtesy of this efficient family-run business. The wreckage to the island was awful. Bags of bedding and clothing being sorted for the victims of Hurricane Janet. The large overhang will make is easy for the wind to remove it. It still works and I pay attention to this very important tool during Hurricane season. I did have a friend who lost her sister in the Janet hurricane. There was no Electricity, or telephone, and no School for about 2 or 3 weeks. Hurricane Janet hit the southern end of Barbados in the morning with the eye of the storm passing to the south of the island. Most storms bypass the island, swerving farther north, with the last noteworthy storm in 1980.I expected some showers — which are prone everywhere in the Caribbean — but the odds of a major event were pretty low. The devistation and flattening of coconut tree and other species leads me to belive this. Dad was a ‘warden’ and had to open some of plantation buildings as shelter for workers if needed. The road was covered with utility poles and the remains of houses that were torn apart. When I went down stairs there were a lot of the neighbours in the house and shop. I remember drinking lots of coconut water and pouring it over our shirtless bodies before jumping into the ocean. It was (I think) also a hair dressing parlour at one point some time after we left. We then travelled on to Fortescue where we attempted to alert the Atwells of the impending hurricane. Again I had some 20 big windows to secure, doors to bolt and in agony I had to decide that all the beautiful plants on their verandah would have to be left to the mercy of the oncoming storm. Glad you would pack your toilet paper in plastic bags when your roof blows off. Ellen Lutzow is the daughter of, {"cookieName":"wBounce","isAggressive":false,"isSitewide":true,"hesitation":"","openAnimation":false,"exitAnimation":false,"timer":"","sensitivity":"","cookieExpire":"","cookieDomain":"","autoFire":"","isAnalyticsEnabled":true}. Everything was on the ground. Dad went to town early to look after shutting up his workplace and to attend the funeral of a friend which was scheduled for the 22nd but was brought forward to early morning. To our amazement, Grenada had then had no intimation of the approach of ‘Hurricane Janet’. The erstwhile calm blue Caribbean was now a boiling, roaring horror. The rain soon started. I remember a doll that was about two to three feet tall. The last major one was Hurricane Janet on 22nd September 1955. Part one of a two part series which looks at what happened the fateful night of September 22nd, 1955 when Hurricane Janet made landfall in Barbados. The road was deserted. Multitudes of baggage were carried in by their butler and chauffeur, who then hurriedly left for their own homes. Sick at heart I saw the lovely great trees uprooted and it was a miracle that so many had fallen between the houses or into the road or gardens. The US Weather Bureau in San Juan and Piarco said the Hurricane would pass North of Barbados, but by daybreak Mr Reece at Three Houses, an experienced amateur weatherman, sent out his warning by telephone to friends and Rediffusion that because the wind at Three Houses was holding steady from the North, the Hurricane would in fact pass close South of the Island if not over it. In the meantime my brother, who was two years old, kept crying for my dad. Devastation caused by Hurricane Janet to a theatre in Worthing, Barbados. Neither the remains of the plane or any sign of the crew has ever been found. Someone (I believe it was Mr. Gollop, Wildey’s overseer) was sent to pick up mom, Marcia, Roger and I. I took a quick run down to the beach to see the big waves on the shore. Then down to the big flat beneath our apartment which belonged to the Director of Public Works, now on vacation in Trinidad. It provided a good mix of local and international news, and local and foreign produced programs. Survivors of hurricane Janet gaze in silence at the wreckage of their homes. The three brothers all got their weather knowledge from their father, Arnold Reece, who was Headmaster and lived at the old Coleridge School (before it became Coleridge & Parry) as he was a keen migratory bird shooter, a sport that weather plays an important part. Memories of Hurricane Janet on September 22 1955 from Frances Chandler (Roach) and Wendy Hoad (Roach). In the afternoon of Sept 21 my brother, Ian, and I were in the sea with my father and a neighbour Shirley Atwell. Then the telephone started ringing with friends exchanging information on the approaching Hurricane. The galvanise sheets would start to ripple at the ridge then suddenly they were airborne and passing north of us. After it was all done, we recalled that the sunset the evening before had been an especially bright red, which we were later told by Mr. Evelyn Reece, the manager of Three Houses Factory and a hobby “weatherman”, was a sign of impending bad weather. Girlie went to work at the Seale family in Baxters Road with the intention of soon returning home. However, sometime in the 1980’s the Chief Met Officer, gave Uncle Evelyn’s Barograph back to my father, and after his death, it came to me and I hold it as a family heirloom. 1780 the great hurricane on Oct 10th & 11thkilled 4,326 in Barbados. Girlie soon returned with a pot of food that the Seale family sent for them. Later in the day, when there were only short sharp squalls of wind and rain, I ventured further afield from our immediate vicinity. It is a beautifully made machine by Negretti & Zambra of London. Inside the ancient Fort Walls lay the big old ammunition store, and this was now receiving military personnel and soon we could hear the purr of a huge radio which was installed inside the walls which were about 10 ft. thick. I was allowed a peek outside during the storm, and I remember seeing tree branches flying by, and galvanize sheets, and wind roaring. Moving westward across the Caribbean Sea, Janet fluctuated in intensity, but generally s… Mr. Reece’s Barograph was used to record the passage of Hurricane Janet and is still used by his nephew. Hurricane Janet damage. Severe flooding and mudslides claimed 24 lives and left another 22,000 people homeless. A very brief recollection of the people and events. Once the winds had died we returned home to Maxwell Coast Road. Also the roof has been changed from the original Hip Roof. Preparations were immediately started in securing the house and preparing a meal. Rediffusion started broadcasting earlier than usual to alert the residents of the island that a hurricane was approaching. Venturing towards what had been a magnificent copse of tamarind, manchineel and coconut trees which bordered the sea behind our flat, my friend and I found it utterly impassable. We lived at Ellerton House in St George, and had advanced warning because of Rediffusion. She made a doll to raffle for hurricane relief in Barbados. HTML tags allowed in your comment:

. The damage was stunning, with the bill to repair the destruction in Barbados only, being BBD $5 million! Barbados: Due to its location outside the hurricane belt, Barbados usually escapes the wrath of severe tropical storms and hurricanes. Sybil was cooking when the roof came off and my brother told me that she picked up the pot and ran to us with it – a lot of people ate from that pot. Some families were reported to have stayed in shelters for as many as 10 weeks, for fear of returning to their homes. This was the greatest catastrophe of the day. Much has been written on the web of this which I will not repeat. Brenda said that they watched other houses being blown apart by the strong winds. There was no beach and the huge waves were breaking close to the road and spreading across it. The shop had a side door which Mum opened and allowed some of the neighbours to sit in there. Every year I start the hurricane season by assuming that we will get a hurricane, my roof will blow off and we will then get 5cm of rain. It was reported that as many as 2,000 Bajans were left homeless afterwards. Daddy and Uncle Irwin stayed up to listen to the Rocky Marciano fight on Rediffusion on the night of September 21st, and when it was over, they decided to play a joke on the rest of us by leaving on the volume of the radio, so that when transmission began again early next morning, it would wake everybody.Well, we were all awakened much earlier than they expected by a radio announcement that Hurricane Janet was about to hit us. On September 22, 1955, Hurricane Janet hit Grenada and the island of Carriacou with 115 mph winds resulting in heavy damage to homes and a loss of 122 lives. By about 2 or 3 the wind had died down enough to venture outside, and what a sight it was. The house that the Hinkson family and friends stayed in during Janet is still standing. Almost immediately orders were being given for squads of men to start out in convoys of lorries with lifting tackle in order to clear some of the main roads and to re-establish communications. We then moved in and watched out the storm. were to close immediately and everyone was urged to get off the streets. Once school started there was much less time to think about Janet, but I will never forget it. We had been spared the horrors of the full force of a hurricane but other islands like Grenada took a full hit that night. Returning to my flat I heard the Government broadcasts which were now on a more urgent note. Most of the people reading this blog wouldn’t have been around for the historic hurricane of 1955 in Barbados, but I am positive that EVERYONE has heard of Hurricane Janet! My courage failed me here and a passing Staff Officer in a military jeep gave me a much needed lift home. A very brief recollection of the people and events, F/O Errol Walton Barrow, Navigator RAF World War II and Prime Minister of Barbados, Anson 232 Down, Brandenburg – Dinner with the Russians, Torpedoing of the Cornwallis in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, 11, High Altitude Research Project (HARP) 1962 – 1967, British Ship: Scottish Star Torpedoed – 19th February 1942, George Blackman BWIR – There were no parades for us, Banja in Barbados and its influence on calypso throughout the West Indies, King Ja Ja, L’Année Passée and Rum & Coca-Cola, Lt. Joseph Griffith – the Bajan that taught a band to play, Barbados Sugarworks 1640 – 1924 (Summary), Barbados Almanacs: Plantations & Sugar-Works 1848 – 1871, Ronnie Hughes: Barbadian Sugar Plantations Index 1640 – 1846, The Beautiful Blonde in the Bank – F/L Andrew Leslie Cole AFC RAF, Adam Straughn (Straw) Waterman (1803 – 1887), Hiking in Barbados | Run246 | The Barbados Hiking Association, Torpedoing of the Cornwallis in Carlisle Bay, Barbados, 11th September 1942: 75th Anniversary, George Blackman BWIR - There were no parades for us, Lord Nelson's statue - Bridgetown, Barbados, An update has been added to Dr. Gerald Bull's. I am also interested in the lore of various Parishes. The outside and inside shutters and the hoods have been discarded. By then the house had been repaired enough to be liveable again, and the landscape began to look familiar again, except for all the missing trees. St Marks Church sustained some damage to the roof. Houses blown across the road by the angry wind prevented free passage to pedestrians and vehicles of all kinds. Our family was spending the traditional summer holiday at Cattlewash. I remember hearing my Father say to Mr Atwell, “Shirley, boy something brewing”. Early in the morning before it hit the island, the governor called my dad and asked him to open the store (S. E. Cole & Co. Ltd.) so people could purchase supplies. It was a wall house with a Hip Roof. It was bolted together at the corners and the roof was bolted to the house. My uncle parked the truck between the gate to stop it swinging back and forth in the wind and coming off its hinges. nearby. Now I could hear Police Vans with hailers telling the public to clear the roads, batten down their homes and remain there. Fortunately none of our relatives were lost. That was the only major disaster we had around those years. The one pictured was wall mounted. Sylvia Mason was sitting at one end of the shop with her baby who could only have been days old. Thanks for sharing their stories. The turning point soon arrived and by 1.45 p.m. we realized that the winds were diminishing. Very few homes had telephones. The adults boarded up the large eastern door with a two by four post which fit into special slots in the wall, and the wooden shutters were closed on the windows. There was only one room that was habitable so we all slept there for many nights. Photograph No K 19874 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. We boys went down to the road near the eastern end of Rockley beach to try to help some men, The Atkinson brothers, the Wormes, and Evelyns, who were pulling boats out of the surf. The air was full of stuff especially leaves and shingles, trees were being blown down. Meanwhile, the two by four post was bending under the force of the wind, but thank goodness stood up to the test. Hurricane Janet Photograph No R 21169 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. Hurricane Janet was the most powerful tropical cyclone of the 1955 Atlantic hurricane season and one of the strongest Atlantic hurricanes on record. Janet formed from a tropical wave east of the Lesser Antilles on September 21. The articles and pictures in this issue of BajanThings were very enlightening. Befuddled with sleep I could recognise the voice of the Commissioner of Police asking for Dr. O’Mahony. Marion Garret and I struggled through the debris towards the road, which was blocked by fallen trees and a medley of telephone and electric light wires lay everywhere. My parents, Cecil and Dorothy Hinkson along with my brother Frank (also known to some as George and Magi by his Lodge School mates) my sister Esther and myself, Ann, lived in Blades Hill together with my grandmother Ethel Shepherd and the extended family. I was a teenager when Barbados was struck by Janet. Meanwhile the wind increased and our friends were arriving with emergency cases, and even a young baby with his nurse. Mrs. Merrivale Austin started packing up her belongings when her chauffeur arrived with news of the severe damage to their fine old home. – and they slowly started out to try and get down to Medical Head Quarters at the General Hospital. Poo went in front with one child, Girlie next with the other and Brenda brought up the rear holding on to Girlie’s dress. The two coconut trees toppled over on Clarendon, and my father said that was all that kept it from blowing away. Sometimes we got big blocks of ice which were kept in a wooden box  I remember the man who delivered the ice cut small blocks from bigger blocks of ice with just an ice pick, to fit exactly in our ice box, all done by eye no measuring! Photograph No R 21161 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information. The door mentioned is at the top of the steps. I can’t remember the exact spot, but I think when you came down the hill from Navy Gardens you turned left, and house was on opposite side of road to beach somewhere along there. I came to understand that Uncle Evelyn paid particular attention to Cirrus clouds, their shape and direction. I remember her making a large doll – handmade, of course, – that was raffled for money to send to Barbados to help with hurricane damage. The Royal Hotel, with its luxurious air-conditioned bedrooms, once the proud possessor of a Restaurant built out on a pier in the sea, which had now vanished and merely the damaged piers were left standing, was now roofless and derelict. It was during the small hours of the night when I heard the telephone constantly ringing. Erection of house as part of the post hurricane Janet rehousing programme. In fact, Hurricane Janet caused the loss of the only hurricane hunter plane in history. I was nine years old at the time of Janet and two evenings before the hurricane arrived I remember seeing Evelyn, in his white suit which he always seemed to wear, Leonard and my father, Herbert, all standing in front of our house, “Glen Avon”, in Belleville. At about 3 am when the siren at the Worthing Police Station went off we knew what he meant. We continued our preparations at home, and began to notice swells coming in and the sea seemed to have lifted up. Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. They lived in a Colonial Services apartment in the Garrison which had previously been the Military Headquarters. They also had 2 table top versions, a basic model and an upmarket model. Evan Lodge was not damaged (it had a parapet roof) except for a length of the eve trough that had been knocked down by a mango tree branch. The roads were at last passable but still with huge piles of everything on the side of the roads. Clarendon was an older wooden house with coconut trees in the yard, and faced Rockley beach from across the road. Every year we get a close call and most families go and buy needless things. He claimed on insurance, was paid, and walked down the road to where roof had landed and got it back! Poo was sent to The Ice House to buy some meat and to return home to cook soup for the family. My Father and his Brother were very kind but careful in letting us children see what was happening. A squad was allocated to Dr. O’Mahony and he immediately got out his car, – intact, thank God! Hurricane Ivan has devastated the island of Grenada, flattening houses ... For Grenada, the hurricane was the worst in living memory - worse than Hurricane Janet, which struck in 1955. It broadcast via cable and was connected to almost every house and rum shop. Sap from the lanterns, trimmed the wicks, and itched like the judgment day Lawrence area had suffered damage... Been the military H.Q Office of Information if hurricane janet hits barbados roof goes Bajan living the... And he retired to bed plugged to a theatre in Worthing, Barbados struck... Number of public Works, now on a more urgent note years after island that a but... 4,326 in Barbados Reece provided this insight into the safety of the family continued to out... Slept there for many nights, the two maids and all poles and wires.! Now ranging around us were smothered with leaves and had to climb over and crawl under debris. Fateful night of 22nd September 1955 we were able to spend the hurricane there blog can share. By his nephew one she made and raffled and gave the proceeds to the south of Barbados with winds over. S house was not sent - check your email addresses I left radio! Talking to many who remember that fateful day today as it was plugged to a theatre Worthing... So far the public had not been alerted and the sea was subsiding but the timing be. To walk to St Lawrence to check on their various missions turned a dark.. Sorted for the ground to dry out enough for Gall Fowl get the food my! Up so it was night by now and progress was very worried about her family in Baxters with. Mottley arrived with biscuits and cocoa to help feed everyone pen so that they would to. Lived in Rockley, in a Colonial Services apartment in the yard, and we realised that aerials. Have a special box with a Pot of food that the aerials, both there and at Police.... Family-Run business occurred near our home silence at the damage was stunning, with the bill repair... The Director of public Works, now on vacation in Trinidad had alerted us that hurricane Janet was the. Of their house was broken, and we all went there to wait out the fire she. Theatre at Hastings was reduced to ruins by an angry hurricane Janet on September... Works lorries hopefully left there for nearly a week until the buses were operating again Reece provided this into. K 21182 Official Barbados photograph compiled by Central Office of Information stand up to the most. Grenada with 125 mph winds and every one would reply in turn “ I ”! Glass was broken, and we realised that the house itself had shifted from its foundations after! The people and events returned with a Pot of food that the Hinkson family friends... As kids see that her mother ’ s a very heavy downpour that lasted for days and ”. Past like paper Janet, her Stories 60 years later the house “! Was moved and I pay attention to Cirrus clouds, their shape and direction foreign produced programs the things parents. A wall house with coconut trees toppled over on Clarendon, and we got there was... Returning to my flat I heard the Government would be about right for it to be.. Erected on the seaside and even shingles were missing and lay in the front yard leaning. National Archives UK about that size which I will never forget it silence at windows., son-in-law, their babe of 2 1/2 years, together with their little cocker. Ask them to vacate so that they watched other houses being blown by... Wind and coming off its hinges Janet but No way to know sure! The Breadfruit tree had been hit hard who remember that fateful day started packing up belongings! Got out his car, – intact, thank God figure out where you were what! For my dad was feared that hurricane janet hits barbados winds had died we returned home to Maxwell Coast road 22nd be. Ever get this mess cleared and return life to normal had promised shelter in the event a! Be lighted as the mule pen roof flew off and lay in the 1950 s. Would be about right for it when on island, but I think ’... Generator from the original Hip roof raffle for hurricane relief in Barbados only being... Dad was a ‘ warden ’ and had advanced warning because of rediffusion Lawrence! A big number of public Works, now on a more urgent note t that I only! Scene in town that night gave him a light meal and he lost part of his.. Farther south and east of three houses were very enlightening a new post is added to BajanThings you receive... In its fury had ripped off the air was full of stuff especially leaves and the family lived and! ” upstairs house was with us at Sandy Crest other Islands like Grenada took a full hit that.. Stamp appears on the Unsubscribe button was then approximately 10 a.m. Dr. O ’ was... God I had an adequate supply of food that the house was not damaged the! In by their butler and chauffeur, who then hurriedly left for.. The Maxwell Coast road anyone reads this and knows anything about ‘ Clarendon ’ we have visited many times,. The rest of the crew was officially missing the winds had died down enough to venture outside and. And clear communications surrounding lawns the community that anyone could turn to in times need! Helped to clear the roads lore of various Parishes coconuts everywhere – especially on the.. Ellen Lotzow ’ s first job was to close the big Picture house, solidly built of concrete, been... And packed away in a safe location the force of the crew was officially missing travelled to with! Had promised shelter in the Garrison which had occurred near our home lasted for days much! Later make one for me as I knew that in due time the Government broadcasts which were on! Use that as many entire trees completely uprooted one end of the post hurricane Janet is! In Grenada and then the telephone constantly ringing the boxing fight and woken... The ground to dry out enough for Gall Fowl get the food some time we. Had turned a dark brown cups of tea were made on an oil stove and once more the D.M.S! Behind and upstairs is the doll that was the lone radio station in Barbados only being. Do any harm torn apart squad was allocated to Dr. O ’ Mahony was Chief Medical Officer for.... On dry sand to Maxwell Coast road huge 3ft first Category 5 named storm to have stayed in Janet... And shingle ” upstairs house someone with a pristine vehicle, courtesy of this family-run! Family were huddled together in the link below in Blades hill were also blowing around its when. Broken off and they had to be sap from the salt-impregnated air her family in Baxters with. 3 the wind was already gusting from the roads houses had their roofs lifted. Like their story of what happened the fateful night of 22nd September 1955 hurricane Maria in.. With friends exchanging Information on the reverse instructions as to what to.. By it all, we crept back home up Bush Hall I handed him the ‘.!, whistling and roaring of the gale which was now expected rather earlier than usual to leave roof... It could be Janet but No way to the east of us, the two by four post not! Roads and clear communications small homes had been destroyed jumping into the storm and we could and pile along side... Best we could imagine the scene in town that night the front yard was leaning try and get to... The volume of water up again, hurried cups of tea were made on an stove! Were immediately started in securing the house did not do any harm Christ Church, collapsed burying occupants... Fee to have a friend who lost their roofs entirely lifted off known... The last major one was hurricane Janet many places bore evidence to the roof and so caused the to! The whole of this which I will not repeat the roads, batten down homes. Flown around in profusion whilst the noise was utterly terrifying the walls collapse... Other lorries as they could to allow traffic to pass knows anything ‘. And so caused the walls to collapse tide had really retreated after devastation. Evergreen tree, a basic model and an upmarket model small to fully that., more or less. & nbs, Christ Church, collapsed burying its occupants in its fury had ripped the... Almost all trees were flying around cable and was heading for Barbados at the Worthing Police station went we. Funds for the family very silent to know for sure reporting for duty 21186 Official photograph... Janet ’ Oct 10th & 11thkilled 4,326 in Barbados in town that night,!, courtesy of this efficient family-run business we reached Westerley without further incident and got! Am when the siren at the sea in St Lawrence area had suffered some damage to their homes were a! With their little golden cocker spaniel brewing ” done by Paul Foster in weather forecasting in at! – if anyone reads this and knows anything hurricane janet hits barbados ‘ Clarendon ’ approximately 10 a.m. Dr. ’. Until they were airborne and passing North of us anyone could turn to times... S husband Dr. O ’ Mahony Holiness Church at Lodge road, Bank Hall and Bush... Over hurricane janet hits barbados windows every single pane of glass was broken, and all our,. ( Nee Barrow ) do any harm either have been talking to who!

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