are air potatoes edible

David I recently ran across a good deal on real “purple yams” at an Asian food market here in Mobile. “David: I live in coastal Mobile, AL, zone 8b and I planted “purple yam” last year that I purchased at a local oriental food market. They are like a potato and an okra mixed. Five plants that look like Marijuana: a helpful... How To Identify an Edible Bolete Mushroom. The roots on those are much better. This is where Latin names … I am really looking forward to your insight on this one. I’m sorry it rotted out – the cold was probably too much for it. I’m not fond of yams though. Common Name: Aerial Potato, Air Potato, Bitter Yam, Cheeky Yam, Ganmangu, Wild Yam. Air Potato is a good herbal cure for Skin afflictions like Carbuncles, whose outcome is an array of Boils. Filed Under: Food Production, Foraging, Permaculture Food Forest, Raising Chickens, Staying Fed, Subsistence Farming, TEOTWAWKI. "Land of the free"? The only drawback is that these yams are really big. You want dark, ugly things, not nice round asteroid-like bulbils. Nice, round potatoes are generally poisonous. They r growing totally wild out here in Reddick. Corn and wheat are way more invasive and are responsible for the destruction of natural land and peoples health. Dioscorea species are cultivated for their edible underground tubers in West Africa where they are important commodities. The poisonous form is a global weed and makes quite a nuisance of itself. A combination of cold and rain likely did it in.”, “Hey David another quick question. The oriental market is not carrying these right now. I bought a small chunk from the Asian market and it ended up sprouting up a super long purple vine. Top Answer. They are different from the wild forms growing around Florida. There’s a different look to the leaves, but the dead giveaway is the bulbils that form in late summer and fall. That edible species, Dioscorea alata, should not be confused with the inedible species of air potato vine that grows wild across Louisiana’s native bottomland hardwoods and wetlands and is easily identifiable by the big, heart-shaped leaves that sit opposite one another along the vine. I purchased 1 of these last year but it never sprouted. Roasted, boiled, fried they have a great nutty potato flavor to them. The information contained in this post is entirely about the edible cultivated varieties of Dioscorea bulbifera. But yucca and any other potatoe I absolutely love. All Right Reserved. Air potato has a poisonous, extremely aggressive form as well as edible, better–behaved varieties. Share this post! Well needless to say curiosity got the best of me: I pulled on one of the dormant vines and it easily snapped off at the ground. Sure – send me pictures. Natural Awakenings for September: Growing Sugarcane, What to plant in your Florida fall garden. How To Protect Moringa Trees From Frost –... Why You Should Keep Mango Trees Small and... Why Becoming a Master Gardener Isn’t Worth It, A DIY Smoked Hot Homemade Pepper Sauce Recipe, More Victims of the Satanic Grazon Herbicide, Survival Plant Profile: Cassava – King of Staples, The Edible Blue Mushroom: Lactarius Indigo, Velvet Beans: A Natural Testosterone Booster. Air potatoes can now be found throughout Florida as well as in Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. I figured it would be about time for the vines to appear since the Eddoes are sprouting up all along the fence lines where I also planted the “purple yam”. If you’re in zone 8 north, that’s the one to try. If they can be divided I can get a much better return on the investment and have many more yams growing in the same amount of time. @Mother Earth News: Seven Amazing Berries For the South, The Roots of Two Cassava Plants (In a Basket), Identifying Edible Air Potatoes in the Wild, The Great South Florida Food Forest Project. I have grown multiple different types. //

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